The retractable leash designed to work great for you, and your pet.


I love everything about this leash. It looks absolutely fantastic and I can wear it on my wrist to free up my hands when needed. GENIUS!


Gaby S.

If Apple made a dog leash, this would be it. Absolutely stunning design and functionality. I've had dogs all my life, and this leash is the best I've seen.


Jenn L.

Everything about this leash is perfect. My favorite feature is the glowing handle and the front light that lets me see my dog perfectly at night.


Britney A.

I never knew how much I needed a leash like this until I tried it. It works great and it's so useful and convenient when I go on walks with my dog Bradley.


Veronica S.

I love how incredibly modern the design is! People on the street always say it looks great and compliment me when they see me use it around my wrist!


Bella D.
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